The Maid of Orleans

1hr. 45min.


Maid of Orleans Review

I loved it. Schillers deviation from the historical tragedy of Joan of Arc creates a different tragedy, but no less affecting. Wilkinsons fine casting of singing actors carries the tale along convincingly. I wont reveal the ending. See it if you can.

Maid of Orleans

This play was a total revelation for me. Afterall, how many of us have seen or even Schiller. Pamela Wilkinsons translation and direction gets us easily into the history so that we can be immersed in the political story and moved by the human tale. Opera lovers will appreciate the interweaving of Bellini arias into the play. Where else but New York could one find an amature cast of fine singing actors. A most pleasurable time in the theater. Dont miss it!

RE:Maid of Orleans

Its a shame we Americans dont get to see Schillers plays! Maid of Orleans is an original and fascinating interpetation of Joan of Arc. The cast was impressive -- from arias to dueling and fine acting. Heres to Pamela Wilkinson for adapting and directing such a compelling play. See it!