The MacGuffin?

Opened Feb 23, 2004
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Lucid Media extends its presentation of The MacGuffin?, the brand-new theatrical sitcom that left Liesl Schillinger of The New Yorker wondering "Why can't life be more like a forties screwball comedy? It can. Jason Rhyne and Terry Withers are reviving the form." Each week a new episode of mirthful mayhem follows a cast of zanies through a "sidesplitting", "slyly subversive" mystery of manners (Backstage). Blending screwball comedy with a classic whodunit, playwrights Terry Withers and Jason Rhyne serve up the wildest goose chase since Duck Soup. Adam Gerdts directs the colorful cast of suspects including Brenda Withers (Matt & Ben), Matthew Kinney, Zack Buchanan, Matt Yeager (Transport Group), and Paul Murillo.

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