The Lover

0hr. 50min.


The Seeing Place Theater, known for intensely intimate ensemble work, brings you Harold Pinter's "bizarre theatrical evening" of lust, cunning, and costumes. How far will you go to spice up your marriage? Do you need to go outside of it to get the fulfillment you need? And what happens when you cross the line? In Pinter's quintessential dark and stormy bedroom farce, he examines a husband, a wife, her lover, and the coping mechanisms people use to survive the seven year itch. Be sure to see this show's companion piece, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, performed by the same actors and same creative team in true ensemble repertory. Both shows are $12 each, or see the complete event for only $20 (save $4) The Lover is directed by Ariel Francoeur, and stars Erin Cronican, Brandon Walker, and Ned Baker Lynch.

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