The Lady Cavaliers: Signature Stories

1hr. 35min. (1 intermission)


The Lady Cavaliers: Signature Stories, written by Peter Hilton, is comprised of 5 short plays. Each work is an action-packed historically inspired look at women, who long before the women's liberation movement and feminism, were strong, self-reliant, protector of rights--role models for today's modern women. "Mrs. Garrud's Dojo" is a comedic marital duel about a woman's fight for her right to vote; "The Trung Sisters" is based on the heroics of two ancient female freedom fighters from South East Asia; "'Twas Two to a Grave" exposes the lives of two infamous female pirates of the Caribbean, Anne Bonny and Mary Read; "Contestant 325," is a solo piece about Helena Meyer, the Jewish-German fencer who became a political pawn between the US and Nazi Germany during the 1936 Olympic Games; and finally the satiric "A Silent Exchange" is a hilarious mime about the unprofessional behavior of a pair of dueling movie stars. Additional performances: Saturdays December 10 & 17 at 2pm *For group discounts (10+), please contact or 718-857-2721. Box Office Hours: One hour before the show commences. Appropriate For Ages: Ages 10+

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