The House of Yes

Opened Apr 26, 2007
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What's a little sex and gun play among family? Throw in a charmingly calculated and maniacal young woman who thinks she's Jackie Kennedy and you've got Wendy Macleod's cult classic, The House of Yes. The story is fairly simple: Jackie loved Marty; Marty left Jackie; Jackie shot Marty. Oh... and Jackie and Marty are twins. Fast forward one year - Marty is bringing home his new fiancée to meet the family on Thanksgiving. There's aristocratic, faux-French Mom; forgotten brother Anthony; and of course, Jackie. What follows is equal parts hilarity and horror, as the family slowly but surely unravels to reveal its darkest secrets. A satire of American class, society, family and love, The House of Yes is a perpetual audience favorite for its incredible power to delight and disturb. Lauren Reinhard directs. For more information, email

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