The House of Yes



Strange Sister Theatre Company, founded by Eva Gil and Dina Rose Rivera are committed to their goal of producing challenging theater that is quirky, exciting, singular and focused on juicy roles for women. The House of Yes, because of its subject matter and dark humor, falls perfectly in line with their mission and proves Wendy MacLeod is a writer to be reckoned with. The fascination with the Kennedy family is one that lingers even forty years after their brief reign. In this age of celebrity worship, there remains a mystique about this family who is simultaneously idealized and idolized. The House of Yes combines an unhealthy obsession with the Kennedys, a hurricane, Thanksgiving with the future in-laws, and a mentally unstable twin sister as the premise of this dark play. Arriving on Thanksgiving during a hurricane, Marty wants his fiancé Lesly, to meet his family. The storm really brews when Marty's twin sister, Jackie-O, is recently released from a mental hospital. Now Jackie-O must balance her two psychotic obsessions, her brother Marty and the life of the Kennedys.

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