The House of Fitzcarraldo

1hr. 15min.
Opened Mar 8, 2012
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In 1979 director Werner Herzog and his megalomaniac best fiend, Klaus Kinski, pulled a 300-ton steamship over a mountain under its own steam. In this highly theatrical performance work, the performers, taking on the role of the Collective Ego of Herzog & Kinski, ponder the significance of dreams and the insanity one must invest in pursuing the useless conquest of unconscious wishes. Pulling and culling from a myriad of source texts, videos, and dreams, Buran uses its distinctive style to situate itself between high and low culture - creating mayhem, shooting cap guns, prompting sing-a-longs, and integrating a folksy existentialism to explore our nature as beings who cannot help but desire our own dumb dreams.

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Buran Theatre Company to Present The House of Fitzcarraldo at The Brick - Feb 1, 2012

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