The Engagement

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


The Engagement is a comedic drama that takes a realistic look at the dynamics of relationships -- friends, siblings, and lovers. The action unfolds with the leads, Faith and Déjà, preparing to march toward the longest journey of their lives -- marriage. However, the fanfare wedding ceremony won't take place without a hitch, including interfering family, friends, and lovers. The brother-in-law, a closet homophobe; Faith's older sister who is disillusioned with marriage; the ex-girlfriend who left Faith for a man but will stop at nothing to win her back; and the best friend, a straight girl with abandonment issues -- or is she? Add to the mix a "holy war" over gay marriage rights between relatives and guests after the rehearsal dinner and you have... The Engagement, a classic love triangle... with a twist. Appropriate For Ages: 18+