The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner

0hr. 50min.
Opened Aug 10, 2008
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Written and Directed by: Anna Moench Original Composition by: David Moench Produced by: Carolyn Sesbeau The New York International Fringe Festival presents The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner, written and directed by Anna Moench. The play follows Randall, a ball turret gunner on his final mission. As bombs shudder the plane and fear grips the crew, reality bleeds into a distorted nightmare. Set on a B-17 bomber in flight over Germany and inspired by Randall Jarrell's classic poem, an archetypal war narrative takes a magical realist turn to examine the personal impact of institutionalized violence. This piece features strong visual and movement elements alongside an original score performed live by a seven-piece orchestral/rock hybrid ensemble, taking the audience into one of WWII's most unforgettable battles.

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