The Death of Frank

1hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


The Death of Frank is the story of Peter (John Jarrad Klapko), a young, earnest gardener with a desire to save the world, and Natalie (Casey Nicole Wright), his odd, jaded sister, who tends to like things that hurt her. One of those things is Frank (Nick Farco*), an older guy with a rough edge and a shady job description. Peter's world is Natalie, so naturally he wants to save her, but he accidentally falls in love with a linguist named Lynn (Kellyn Uhl*) who tries to teach him that there's more to life than one's sister. This is a play about choices made in the face of unavoidable desire; it's about form and function, sweetness and danger, and passion and articulation. *Actors appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

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