The Daughters

Opened Mar 2, 2011
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The Daughters follows the journey of the vixen starlet Aphrodite, the ruthless hunter Artemis, and the child prodigy Athena -- all daughters of the original showstopper, Zeus. Set against the vicious backdrop of the ceaseless Trojan War, The Daughters explodes the stories of three young women into an immersive, raucous, and heartbreaking rock concert, asking how a spotlighted generation can find their voice in a deafening world. A folk-funk opera, The Daughters stars composer Shaina Taub; Grammy-nominated recording artist Maiysha; Aisha de Haas (Caroline or Change, Fame Becomes Me, Rent); Alyse Alan Louis (Mamma Mia); Grace McLean (The Last Goodbye); Kate Ferber, Dominique Toney, Jenni Lawton, and Catherine Brookman (Hair).

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Aisha de Haas, Alyse Alan Louis, Grace McLean, et al. Set for CAP21's The Daughters - Feb 8, 2011

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