The Complete & Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O'Neill, Volume 1: Early Plays/Lost Plays

1hr. 39min.


RE:The Invested

This is a smart, stylish six-actor play, skillfully examining the minds and hearts of two key executives in the banking industry at the beginning of a national financial meltdown. CatherineChristina Haag aspires to be CFO at Metro Bank but is stymied by her superior, Enoch Thomas Hildreth who teases and tempts her with a potentially corruptive means to her desired end. Loyalty to her long-time clients--powerfully represented by Bill Cwikowski as Simon--is a complicating force throughout the 2+ hour performance. All the actors are outstanding. A sleek setting, attractive costumes, forceful occasional music and arresting visuals complement the seamless direction of Ron Canada. Playwright Sharyn Rothsteins work is Broadway quality performed on the Lower East Side at non-Broadway prices!