The Brokenhearteds

Opened Sep 11, 2009
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Peter Graves has just been hired as the author of a daily politics blog in the midst of contentious presidential election. His friend, Ezra, an aide to the President, leaks information to him about a Pakistani man called Mu'Awiyah Fareed that could change the course of the election and history. His new girlfriend, Halle, has thrust him into an agonizing and complicated love triangle with her ex-boyfriend Milan. - And God has begun to speak to him in his dreams. Peter and those around him must find the purpose in their ambitions to shine a generation's light on the world...lest they be left brokenhearted.

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The Brokenhearteds - Sep 11, 2009

Temar R. Underwood's The Brokenhearteds Has Premiere at Wings Theatre - Aug 7, 2009

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