The Blueprint Project

1hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Gideon Productions presents The Blueprint Project, a fresh spin on that beloved old workhorse, the evening of short plays. Four brilliant playwrights Mac Rogers, August Schulenburg, Crystal Skillman & Catherine Trieschmann, with distinctive voices, styles and predilictions, are provided with a plot. This plot: A Body lies on a bed. A Longstanding Friend surreptitiously examines the body. The Spouse enters and confronts the Friend. They argue until the Coworker enters to announce that the Medium will arrive soon. One of the three tries very hard and almost succeeds in convincing the others to stop the Medium from coming. Two of them have a confrontation that injures the third. The Medium enters and animates the body, which reveals the secret. Someone tries to leave. Others try to stop the departure. Even though the writers all worked from the same blueprint, the results are astonishingly varied. There a modern reimagining of Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale, a Sci-Fi thriller, a comedic reunion of the "Fab Four of Psychictry" and a blank verse exploration of a messianic cult. Each piece is wonderful on its own merits and the evening as a whole is a fascinating glimpse into the writers' process.

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