The Birthday Party

2hr. (1 intermission)


The Birthday Party is written by Harold Pinter, the winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Literature. In a small house at a coastal resort live a man, his mentally wayward wife and the boarder who has been with them for a year. He is a strange chap, unkempt and in flight from we know not what. Enter an even stranger sleek man and his muscle bound henchman. The mentally immature wife accommodates them with a room and then decides that it is time for the boarder to have a birthday. At the party she arranges, the new guests play cruel games with the boarder - breaking his glasses, making a buffoon of him, and pushing him over the psychotic precipice. The next morning he is reduced to a gibbering idiot and meekly leaves with them. Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. Theater box office opens 2 hours prior to show

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