The Average-Sized Mermaid

Opened Feb 5, 2010
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The Average-Sized Mermaid is an outrageous new play by award-winning playwright Jessica Fleitman that will have you laughing your tail off! Reeling from a painful break-up, kindergarten teacher Miriam Moselle loses it in front of her class. After possibly traumatizing the six-year-olds indefinitely with a tirade about male chauvinism in "The Little Mermaid," Miriam inexplicably turns into a mermaid herself. Her unusual situation attracts media attention, and she suddenly finds herself a polarizing national figure - at least according to New Jersey local news! Can she use the publicity to get back at her ex? Will she find her voice, will she find herself, and will she ever fall in love again?

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Michelle Concha to Star in The Average-Sized Mermaid - Jan 14, 2010

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