The Ash Boy

Opened Nov 17, 2006
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In Chris Lee's The Ash Boy, lonely Jack likes to sit on the park bench and clear his mind. When Benny reaches out the hand of friendship Jack doesn't know what to do. When Jack takes Benny home to meet his mother Eve, she is suspicious and angry. She knows what happened the last time. But Benny has a rough charm that worms its way into the hearts of these brittle people. They open up to him and expose their sorrow. Benny has a choice. Will he be the friend he says he is? Or will he be the avenging angel of the past? This reading of The Ash Boy features Manoel Felciano (Sweeney Todd, Shockheaded Peter), Roberta Maxwell (The Carpetbagger's Children, Richard III) and Lee Sellars (A Small, Melodramatic Story, The Alchemist).

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