The Accidental Hamlet Venue and Location

Connelly Theater
220 E 4th St, New York, NY 10009
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Connelly Theater

220 E 4th St New York, NY 10009


Waiting for Orson
The Three Faces of Dr. Crippen
April's Fool
Birds Should Fly Free
Magic Kingdom
The Text of Sex
Sick City Blues
Coffee and Biscuit
Love at Home
No Visible Scars
Jackass Flats
Pickles & Hargraves and the Curse of the Tanzanian Glimmerfish
The Van Meder Trust
Rascals With Altitude
Rascals with Altitude
The Physicists
Our Kiki: A Gay Farce
The 3rd Gender
Death and McCootie
The Accidental Hamlet
Somewhere Safer
The Rufus Equation
Gotham Radio Theatre's The Awful Truth
Double Heart (The Courtship of Beatrice and Benedick)
The Poor of New York
Uncommon Women and Others by Wendy Wasserstein
Moose Murders
The Fig Leaves Are Falling
Rascals Cavorting
Men To Be Feared
After the Circuit
The Abduction of Becky Morris
American Midget
The Importance of Doing Art
Names of the Dead
Hadrian's Wall
Poison Apple
An Ideal Husband
Billy Bob Boils the Sea
House of Curiosities
The King is Dead! Long Live the King!
La Traviata
The Ash Girl
Make Mine Manhattan
Mission Drift
The Barber of Seville
Hansel and Gretel
The Sugar House at the Edge of the Wilderness
The Sugar House at the Edge of the Wilderness
The Sugar House at the End of the Wilderness
Felix & The Diligence
Felony Friday
Books on Tape
The Lady Drug Dealer and the Heist
The Average-Sized Mermaid
Faye Drummond
After Anne Frank
Le Gourmand or Gluttony!
Back to the Garden
H.M.S. Pinafore Brief 11
Freedon Club
The Last Castrato
Boomerang Theatre's 2010 Repertory Season
Uncle Vanya
Endless Summer Nights
Venus Observed
The Swearing Jar
When Lilacs Last
Ghost of Dracula
A Separate Peace
Tristan & Isolde
Picking Palin
As You Like It
The Maid of Orleans
Trick Boxing
How Alfo Learned to Love Women
Two Girls
My Name is Ruth
Into the Woods
A Play on War
Dark Rapture
La Bohème
Hansel & Gretel Brief
La Bohème Brief
The Boxer
Don't Step on the Cracks
The Unlikely Adventure of Race McCloud, Private Eye
Two on the Aisle, Three in a Van
Alchemist of Light
Tales From The Tunnel
Thirty Minutes or Less
Professor Ralph's Loss of Breath
The Fall of the House of Usher
Exiles From the Sun
Ragtime: School Edition
Christmas is Miles Away
Being Audrey
Smoking Bloomberg, A New Musical
The Melting Pot
Joanna Parson and Lance Werth in Reddy or Not
Emily Skinner in Concert
Mary Testa in Sleepless Variations
Puss In Boots
Theatre Is Dead and So Are You
Bury the Dead
Bury the Dead Opening Night Gala
Flip Side
An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen
Aesop's Fables
Anais Nin Goes to Hell
2 By Sinner
Self-Portrait As Schiele
La Vigilia (the Vigil)
Behold, the Bowery!
Lucila: a play for Gabriela Mistral
An Enemy of the People
Marcy in the Galaxy
Marcy in the Galaxy Gala
Count to Ten
Choreographer's Canvas
Little Red
The Lifeblood
CEO and Cinderella
Crossing Brooklyn
Crossing Brooklyn Gala
The Magnificent Cuckold
Princess Mimi or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Frog
The Commission
And Somewhere Men are Laughing
Mary Brigit Poppleton is Writing a Memoir
On The Verge -- or The Geography of Learning
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
The Girl Detective
Ionesco Double-Bill: The Lesson and The Painting
All the Way Home
Fools and Lovers
Great Notch...or the Town that Knew No Fear
Red Herring
Big Doolie
Whiz Kid
Fantasy, Girl
Angel Mountain
In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer
Children of a Lesser God
Norman & Beatrice: A Marriage in Two Acts
Apparition: An Uneasy Play of the Underknown
The Breadwinner
The Last Silver Zephyer
the silent concerto
Sarajevo's Child
Kegedawan (The Gift)
Ponzi Man
The Suffrajets Present A Musical Séance
Professor Dilexi Presents Dramatis Personae of the Apocryphal Menagerie
Out of Body Out of Mind
The Three of Clubs
This Isn't Working
Pierrot le Quin
The Pursuit of Persephone (Prospect Theater Company)
New PROSPECTives (Prospect Theater Company)
Princeton Triangle Club Evening: DING! Show & The Pursuit of Persephone
The Audience
Chekhov In Paris (Chekhov Now Festival)
A Teacup Full of Vodka (Chekhov Now Festival)
Chekhov Now Festival 2004
In This Is The End Of Sleeping (Chekhov Now Festival)
The Proposal (Chekhov Now Festival)
Three Sisters: Lost In Time (Chekhov Now Festival)
Cherry Orchard: Firs' Dream (Chekhov Now Festival)
The Bet (Chekhov Now Festival)
Uncle Victor - a reading (Chekhov Now Festival)
3 Sisters Redux (Chekhov Now Festival)
Edward II
Push Up 1-3
Voices of Juárez
The Blue Rocks
"4 B" Underground Radio
Pullman Car Hiawatha and The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden
School for Scandal
First Lady Suite
The Orwell Project
Julius Caesar
Good Morning, Bill
Lost -- The Musical
Can't Let Go
The Lucky Chance
The Accidental Activist
Requiem for William
Barbara Walsh
The Sandman
Chekhov Now Festival
New Georges' Perform-a-Thon
Antony and Cleopatra
La Musica/Talk To Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen
Leonce & Lena
The Sandman
Voices from the Hill
Julius Caesar (Moonwork Theater Company)
Our Town (Transport Group)
The Diary of Anne Frank
Bloody Poetry
Journeys Among the Dead
Tales For Children Less Than Three Years Old
The Killing Game
The Viscount
The Leader/ Improvisation
The New Tenant
The Six Characters Cometh
Superman Is Dead
Only Heaven
How to Insult Your True Love
The Enemies
To Kill Charlotte
Hello, Meatman
Three Sisters
The Foulest of All Creatures
The Beginning of No
In the Widow's Garden
The Madman
The Elephant Man
When Real Life Begins
Romeo and Juliet
Five Hysterical Girls Theorem, The
Othello, The Moor of Venice
Romeo and Juliet2