1hr. 15min.
Opened May 26, 2004
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Tetrapod, by Clare Byrne Dance - Social Dances for Four-Legged Vertebrates. Clare Byrne Dance brings Tetrapod, a world premiere, to the Flea Theater. With sincerity and a touch of humor, the piece explores social interactions and the simple power of touch within dance. Full of elegant rounds of do-se-do, fast syncopated footwork, rough-and-tumble partnering, and surprising moments of stillness, Tetrapod is a feast of lusciously musical dancing; the choreography weaves rhythm and counterpoint within selections of classical and jazz music. In the intimate Flea Theater, the audience can experience every detail of the dancers' performance, as they create physical rituals and explore the comforts and perils of physical contact. In quartets, duets, trios and solos, Clare Byrne Dance explores the tradition of social dance within her own unique artistic voice. Appropriate for ages six and up.

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