Tales of The Black Veil 6 - Sanguines on Stage

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)
Opened Nov 20, 2008
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tales of the Black Veil 6-Sanguines on Stage is the latest incarnation of the Original Sanguine Stage Showcase begun by Nightforce International Productions in 1999. Tales of the Black Veil features stories, situations, monolgoues, sketches-all with a vampiric slant. If its comedy, drama, philosophical, musical, etc-there will be a vampire involved! Some stories have been written by Vampyres and a few vampyres have been known to cross upon our stage. This version (as always) features new stories, some new performers and the same sensual sanguine theme. If you have a problem with our brand of Darkness, you are advised to stay home; but if you are even the least bit curious about our Dark World, you are more than welcome to the darkness...

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