Symphony of Rats

1hr. 10min.
Opened Feb 9, 2006
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In Ian W. Hill's new production of Richard Foreman's Symphony of Rats, the positive and negative features of the Office of the Presidency are examined in a manner both comic and terrifying, as it perhaps becomes apparent that a President who actually believes in receiving messages from non-corporeal sources may not be exactly what the USA needs. Foreman's original text is treated the way the author has requested it be dealt with by other directors -- removing all indications of Foreman's original production and working with just his dialogue -- and is now set in an oval office that may in fact be merely a reflection of the inside of the President's head, we are presented with a world of rodents, spacemen, pimps, mistresses, detectives, and yes-men, and where our only hope for survival may lie only in the President's ultimate inability to do anything for sure except ride around in a great car. Symphony of Rats Schedule: Tuesday, February 21 at 8.00 pm Thursdays, February 9 and 23 Friday, February 17 Saturdays, February 11 and 25 Sundays, February 12 and 26 at 7.00 pm Playing in repertory with Film is Evil: Radio is Good.

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