SWELL(ing) Relatives

Opened Nov 3, 2006
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Written and directed by Valeria Vasilevski and featuring Bessie Award winning performer Lawrence Goldhuber, SWELL(ing) Relatives is a brief excursion into the world of one man who, in his obsessive search for a still life, stumbles into a mad Alice-in-Wonderland world of relativity - a shifting, bloating, floating world that catapults him to the brink of madness. Goldhuber plays Norman, a man whose special condition requires the use of 1000 potatoes to hold all his possessions down so they won't float away. He struggles with this in a 45 minute monologue probing universal subjects such as the power of superstition, the madness of solitude, and the blatant inconsistencies in our everyday reality.

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