Sunrise at the Quarry

1hr. 20min.


"The intensity and fragility of youthful friendship are movingly evoked in Sunrise at the Quarry...Most notably, the actors -- all five of them -- play against each other beautifully and deftly limn their characters' changing ages" - Backstage Sunrise at the Quarry is an evocative collaborative effort between the members of Black Door Theatre Company and playwright Nick Sanzo. Sunrise at the Quarry was conceived out of a series of improvisations (improvs) created by the members of Black Door Theatre Company. Half-way through the process playwright Nick Sanzo was brought on board to help translate these improvs into a story fit for the stage. The end result of this collaborative effort is a rich and vibrant story. Following the lives of five friends through high school into their late twenties Sunrise at the Quarry represents a unique approach to a traditional medium. "The idea was born out of not only a desire to produce new work, but to know every aspect of it's creation; where the idea came from, who these characters are from start to finish. It has been fascinating to see how each of the characters and actors have gone through transformations in each step of the process." - Sara Laudonia, Director of Sunrise at the Quarry "I was honored to step into this process and help hone a story that already contained such real and human characters and back stories. This collaborative process has produced an end result which is quite special." - Nick Sanzo, Playwright of Sunrise at the Quarry

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