Elizabeth Streb and her Hardware Heroes bring it home for an extended 8 week spring run of STREB SLAM 9. Action addicts, thrill seekers and adventurous audiences looking for the next frontier in entertainment have more chances to experience New York's own home-grown action figures at S.L.A.M. (Streb Lab for Action Mechanics), their spacious studio/playground. STREB continues to forge a new entertainment terrain, blending dance, gymnastics, physics and all the thrills and chills of the circus into a form they call PopAction. STREB SLAM 9 brings some crowd-pleasing favorites back into the show. Fly harnesses a performer into one end of a giant, counter-balanced lever that looks like a huge claw. She is held by a swivel harness that allows her to turn, twist and run, almost weightlessly. Propelling the claw around at ever-increasing velocity, she soars and dives, while the rest of the daring company spins her faster and attempts to stay out of the way of the claw's relentless momentum. Returning also is the elegant Surface, in which the company interacts with two huge plywood panels. The NY Times said of Surface "Like star performers, the boards had a life of their own. ...they were manipulated with dazzling speed, wit and daring, providing inclines for the dancers to race up and down into and ridges for them to balance atop." STREB SLAM 9 is an Action Event for the stout of heart and imagination, anyone of any age who has every dreamed of being free of our earthly constraints and being able to soar. STREB S.L.A.M. home seasons have become popular events for the whole family with their festive carnival atmosphere. All are welcome to watch the Action Faction tackle its big, muscular ideas and continue to play with its Action Contraptions. At S.L.A.M., a sideshow/state fair atmosphere (including popcorn and cotton candy) prevails with Action Onlookers free to sit, stand, wander from event to event as they occur, often simultaneously, all around them.

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