Stabilized Not Controlled

1hr. 10min.


This guy’s career, I’m going to follow.

If you are looking for formula, fluff or mind-numbing predictability, skip this. Theater is supposed to transform or transport; this show was both. Blocker was one man living with an entire NYC “block” inside of him. $20 bought a whole seat, but I only used the edge.

An exciting and funny immersion

Thois is a wild night of theatre. The characters are woven seamlessly through a murder mystery joy ride. The heart and soul of. Manhattan twisted through hilarious storytelling . Trust me this is not to be missed!

Funny, smart, and a great performance

Wasn't sure how I'd like a show about rent stabilization, but it's more than that. Getting along in a crowded world, loving your neighbor when you don't want to, and some spot on commentary. Program says it uses actual conversations from NYers. I can believe it. I know I've seen these people on the subways and in my own building. O, and it was that smart kind of funny. I like smart funny. So glad it was a solo show that wasn't therapy -- it was a fun ride of a story and the character changes are really amazing. Nice to know of a cheap show I can bring friends to and promise them some good laughs--and I think it'll keep my snotty theatre friends happy.