South Pathetic




A charming mash up of stand-up and the tale of a small hole-in-the-wall production of Streetcar: this can transport to Laughsville.

RE:South Pathetic

This production was seen on 8/15/10 in the Tom Noonan?s Paradise Factory East Village NYC: First it should be mentioned that this venue is nothing more than ?a hole in the wall? so ventilation is extremely poor and it became hot, to the point of being uncomfortable, by the end of the performance. On the up side seating, although cramped, was fine and all audience members seemed to have a good view of the stage area. The description of Jim David?s one man show, South Pathetic, left me skeptical that he would be able to pull off playing all the small town characters, which were in turn playing all the cast member parts for, A Streetcar Named Desire. After having seen it I can now say that he was able to pull it off without a hitch and that his impersonations were indeed humorous. Although it was sometimes hard to keep track of each of the characters he played, Davis did at least give each character a particular physical characteristic that helped the audience keep track of who is who. As an added bonus we also got to enjoy Davis?s rendition of President Bush and a slew of Bush?s famous self made words. At only 1 hour and 15 minutes the production was fun and was a nice night of chuckles. If you?re looking for a good night out that?s easy on the wallet this is a good choice.