South - A Nautical Musical

2hr. (1 intermission)


Excellent option!

For those who appreciate creative, talented, off beat, poignant, funny, you'll LOVE South! The love child of Carmen Borgia, a quirky, hip, brilliant musician, with Bill Pace directing, its no suprise South takes you on an unexpected journey. Its refreshing when a musical surprises you with a destination you never imagined getting to. Since Broadway has turned Hollywood, you need to go downtown for all the exhiliratingly original pieces, which South has in plenty! Not only is the writer an amazingly accomplished musician/singer/songwriter, but the cast is filled with top notch performers. This supremely talented, highly enjoyable cast will impress in all the right ways. With Doug Skinner (Bill Irwin's partner in crime for years), Bill Tost (The Fantastiks), alongside Robb Sherman, Sadrina Johnson, Michael D'Emedio and Alison Davy you'll want to have seen South when it opens with the original cast, trust me! You'll be one of the cool kids who can say, "I was there when South was in a 100 seat theater in the East Village, how cool is that??"