Something Wild

Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex
312 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018
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Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex

312 W 36th St New York, NY 10018


Midtown International Theatre Festival 2013 Season
Alligator Summer
Wood Bones
Blue Rose Productions Infusion series
MITF Symposium - Theatre Stimulus Program
Victors of St Goldstein
Victors of St. Goldstein
Something Wild
The Last White Family on Dorchester Road
Falling Awake
A Taste of Chocolate
Relax! Alice
The Midtown International Theatre Festival 2012
Love Lies - Treat Her Like a Lady
Thank You Notes
wh@ if?
Multiple Plotchanalities
Tombstone: The Legend of Wyatt Earp
Love. Guts. High School.
Keep On Truckin' - It's War
Never Been Home
Spoolie Girl
The Prince and the Pauper
Max Maven: Thinking in Person
Topdog Underdog
Obama in Naples
Call Me Waldo
Lost on the Natchez Trace
Friends And Relations
MITF Symposium
Concrete Meets Silicon
Trouble - a new rock/pop Musical
Sistas: The Musical
Mother Eve's Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood
Making God
Lavender Shore
Ethan's People
The Midtown International Theatre Festival
Dirty Paki Lingerie
The Dickening
Dad Doesn't Dance
Boomers, The Musical of a Generation
The Banana Monologues
Alice: A New Musical
Trouble: A New Rock Musical
Mad Mel And The Marradians
Mad Mel and the Marradians
Georgia & Me
Sex Curve
Hanky Panky
The Royal Weight Watcher
Peg O' My Heart
Kelly and Lindsey Do New York: Literally
Surviving Love
Children of God
Flowers: A Thorny Romance Story
Between The Bricks
The Picture Plane
Tea In A Tempest
Sunday on The Rocks
Under the Cross
Ocean in a Tea Cup
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Woman Before A Glass
Summer in Sanctuary
The Dybbuk
Blood Wedding
V-Day New York City, Koreatown 2011
Nora and In the Shadow of the Glen
How I Fell in Love
Tom's Children
Three Families
Pattie Canova: Souled Out
Steven Fales: Who's Your Daddy?
The Nanjing Race
My Sweet Charlie
Baldy & The Short Plays Festival
ResurGENTS: The Reappeance of Hope
Love Humiliation Karaoke
Literary Disruption
Shiloh by Starlight
Peking Roulette
Gray Matters
3 American Woman
Ten Reasons I Won't Go Home With You
Alice and Elizabeth's One Woman Show
Next Big Celebrity Concert
This One Girl's Story
Steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen at the Movies: Live!
Mother Tongue
Romeo and Hamlet
Weekend with a Killer
Norma Doesmen
The Vagina Monologues
Souled Out
Phantom Killer
Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory: From Douglass to Deliverance
Why Didn't Jesus Get Married?
Why Didn't Jesus Get Married?
MITF Symposium
Her Name is Vincent: An Evening with Edna St. Vincent Millay
Inventing Avi
Approaching America
Las Escenas De La Cruz (Scenes of the Cross)
I Hate Love
A Poisonous Tree
The Sword Politik
Ludlow Fair & Ikke, Ikke, Nye, Nye, Nye
Love Drunk
Freudian Slips
Three Sisters
Out Cry
Funny as a Crutch
Beachwood Drive
Force Majeure
The Dark Night Play Series
The English Channel
Lilli Marlene
The King is Dead
Out of Control
Everyone Expects Me To Write Another Streetcar: An Evening with Tennessee Williams
This is a Cowboy Poem My Daddy Taught Me
The Lone Wolf Series
Another Vermeer
'Til Sunday
Rum & Coke
DirectorFest 2007
Cry Havoc
The Goldman Project
The Cascade Falls
Lunchbox Sketch Comedy
Professional Skepticism
The Greenhouse Effect
Refugee Nation
Strange Rain
Cooking Con Karimi (Con Castro)
Living Memory/Living Absence
Guns & Tampons: A History of Violence Against Women I Know
From the Ashes
The Caste & the Furious: Tokyo Drift
The Lost Art Of Conversation
Midsummer Night's Dream: A Comic Jewish Satire
Dreams of Friendly Aliens
Straight to Hell
The Frugal Repast
In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel
Gauguin/ Savage Light
My Deah
Krankenhaus Blues
True Story Project: SEX
Foggy Bottom
The Dispute
Still Life / Cafe Coward
Elvis and Juliet
Roll With the Punches
Beyond Therapy
My Deah
December Fools
Tales From The Hoot
Largo Desolato
Walking in Memphis: The Life of a Southern Jew
Daniella Uses Dirty Words
Lion in the Streets
In the Arms of Baby Jesus
The MOMologues
A Shadow on the Moon
Me & Caesar Lee, The Concert Musical
Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Sound Bytes
Rappacini's Daughter and Bad Evidence: Two Plays by Terry Quinn
Caz Dies Alone
Texas Homos
The Owl and the Pussycat
Aloha Oy!
Kansas Faust
God's Daughter
Before the Next Blue Norther
Patriot Act
Antigone (One Year Lease)
Entrenched in the Oath
The Trial of God
Transfix: Site-Specific Urban Interactive Performance
Colour Outside the Lines
Media and Politics
Hillary and Monica: The Winter of Her Discontent
The World is Round
Teachers' Lounge
Touch The Names
Life Under 30
Life Under Thirty
Home Again
Italian American Cantos
Hard Times
The Pagans
States of Shock
Texas Homos
A Bush Carol, or, George Dubya and the Xmas of Evil
The War Play
The Attic
Beyond Recognition
Uncle Bob
The Maginot Line
Midtown International Theatre Festival 2003
That Play
Favorite Colors
Waiting for the Glaciers to Melt
An Evening with Shakespeare's Women
Shiva Arms
A Perfect Relationship
Four Play
Look Back in Anger