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This is a show that most outside critics dont seem to get. This show IS relevant to the US, just look at whats happened in CA, Maine, and our own NY state senate!! This is a timeless story about love. Love of self as well as love of family and friends. You dont have to be gay to appreciate the love that shines through in this production. It will hit you in the gut. Feel the love!!! Go see it. Its not too late!

RE:An Unexpected Delight!

I highly recommend this beautiful show. When I first decided to go, it was to support my brother who is somewhat involved in the production and knows some of the cast. He said it was a "musical"...I wondered how the story might be unveiled through a song and dance routine? I was so moved by the fact it was NOT a musical, but rather, an incredibly story stories told by way of songs, beautiful music and choral background, with images projected onto a screen. Afterwards, the writer and cast members answered questions. The writer describes the play as "everyones story...a search for ones Authentic Self." I certainly resonated with that, as Im sure many people did, whether they are gay or not. It is spiritually inspired and beautifully directed and produced. Truly an incredible show...and very emotional too! Another brother likened to the "gay-mans version of The Vagina Monologues!" I think that describes it well. Although it is a little gentler than The Vagina Monologues....but the underlying story and quest to be heard is similar. Some audience members found it hard to believe that being gay in Ireland could be so difficult and in recent years too....