Shirley at the Tropicana

1hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Meet Shirley Johnson. She is an overworked secretary who has a crush on her boss. She has very big plans for the two of them. All of that is about to change... After the arrival of an alarmingly voluptuous temp, Shirley's "super" secretarial skills are thwarted by jealousy and by her hyperactive imagination. Leaving her ideal job--and one true love--behind, Shirley embarks on a whirlwind adventure. She saves a Hollywood star and 20 other passengers from a plane wreck! She becomes the infamous divorcée of a matinee idol! She finds her own success as an expressive hand model! But, in the end, can she capture the heart of her former boss and walk off into a celluloid sunset? Shirley at the Tropicana is a smart and sassy one-woman comedic tour-de-force, filled with a host of unexpected characters, which mixes live performance with hilarious short films.

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