Shenanigans: Whispering Pines Junior College Senior Showcase of Talent

Opened Apr 21, 2007
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Shenanigans Comedy Collective presents the students of Whispering Pines Junior College in their Senior Showcase of Talent. Watch the metaphorical eggs of their blossoming theatrical potential hatch before your very eyes, causing the runny yoke of their talent to spread over the stage like a blanket of yellow slime: sloppy, dangerous, and oddly appetizing. Performances will showcase the work of Geoffrey Decas, Julia Henderson, Boo Killebrew, Ryan Purcell, Jordan Seavey, Noah Starr, Phillip Taratula and TJ Witham as they embody the students of one of Upstate New York's most prestigious Junior College dramatics programs. Whispering Pines Junior College (WPJC) is a quaint Junior College nestled away slightly northwest of the southeast Catskill Mountains and founded on the philosophy that a student, no matter what, should be taught things. Whispering Pines Junior College Musical and Dramatic Performing Arts Division and Dance Initiative (WPJCMADPADDI, or MAD-PADDI to the kids!) is one of the oldest and most highly regarded Musical and Dramatic Arts Divisions in Upstate New York Junior College History.

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