Shakespeare's Gospel Parodies: A Medieval Mystery Tour

1hr. 30min.


Review in West Side Rag

A theater group called the Dark Lady Players is putting on a performance of Shakespeare parodies above at the West-Park Presbyterian Church starting this week that allows the audience to walk around the theater. You have to see it to believe it. So go see it. It?s free, you have no excuse not to.

RE:Review in by Ed Malin

As an evening of theater it was gorgeous. Jenny Greeman directs a committed troupe of mostly women, who are quite willing to strike Gothic poses, pretend to be pregnant, wear Jewish religious garments, and anything else they need to do to breathe fresh air into Shakespeare. Elizabeth Weitzens costumes including a shirt which shows all the cuts of meat on the character of Adam, who is about to be devoured dont let your mind wander from the action. Since the piece comes off as "scholarly," it relies on the docents Meaghan Cross, David Reck, Shykia Fields, and Carolina Mesinara, who provide a heck of a lot of information and levity as well as let the audience stretch its legs between scenes.