Sex! The Short Play and Musical Festival Venue and Location

Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre at The Players Theatre
115 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012
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Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre at The Players Theatre

115 Macdougal St New York, NY 10012


Things I Left On Long Island
The Picture (of Dorian Gray)
No Static At All
Does This Dress Make Me Look Alone?
The Mushroom Cure
Burbage: The Man Who made Shakespeare Famous
Rockabye Hamlet
Bad Seed
Shut Up Sit Down & Eat...
The Jedi Macbeth
Sex! The Short Play and Musical Festival
An Evening with Friends: Huntington Disease Fundraiser
They Call Me Q
The Hungry Ghost
Big Dummy: me & my old man
A Step Beyond the Rain
See Jane Give Up Dick
Listen...Can You Hear Me Now?
Lights Narrow
Molly Marjorie Rosenblatt Needs A Man (And Other Stuff)
Not Another Teen Solo Show
The Hat
Me Love Me
Little Shop of Horrors
July TRU Panel - Reinventing Off-Broadway for a New Audience: Site-Specific, Interactive and Immersive Theater
The Death of Frank
Death of Frank
The Singular Collective
The Butcher
House Afire
Lysistrata Rape Play
The Cat's Meow
Singing a New Tune: Let's Revitalize the Musical Theater Development Process
Girl, A Lopsided Tree Won't Ruin Christmas
So Where's the Money and How Do I Get Some? Funding Strategies for Indie and Not-for-Profit Producers
Boo! The Short Play & Musical Horror Festival
Two Sides to the Producing Story: Commercial versus Not-for-Profit
The Three Sisters
Can the American Theater Afford to Develop New Work? (Can It Afford Not to?)
An Interrogation Primer
My Date With Troy Davis
Becoming Butch
Linda Means to Wait
Yellow Dress
Dumber Faster
Miss Robusta Lays A Bomb
The Short Play Festival: Only in New York
Arts or Crafts
Percussion People
The Tempest
Women's Work
Sordid Lives
BOO! Horror Festival
Sophie Tucker in Person
Marry, F*** or Kill
The Weird
Highway Blue
Miss Robusta Goes to the Movies
The Short Play Festival: New York
Prank You
The Accidental Pervert (Player's Theatre)
I'm Your Savior: The One Man Show From Jim Florentine
The Tempest
The Mermaid Off Of Staten Island & Novel Love
Ivan and the Dogs
Ivan and the Dogs
Nightmare Alley
Bell, Book & Candle
2010 Horror Festival
The Shortened Attention Span Horror Festival
23 Feet in 12 Minutes: The Death and Rebirth of New Orleans
Omarys Concepcion Lopez Perez Goes to Israel (to speak to God at the Wailing Wall)
The Great Galvani
Violators Will Be Violated
My Three Moms
My Broken Brain
Going Solo: An Evening Of One Act Solo Performances
The Voices In Your Head
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Firecat)
Shortened Attention Span One Act Festival
Hamlet, Man of Valor
Fag Hags
The Shortened Attention Span Musical Festival
Hot Babes in Toyland
Shortened Attention Span Horror Fest
Walking The Road
Blood Guilty
The Good Thief
The Voices in Your Head
MARS: Population 1
High Plains
Spitting In The Face Of The Devil
The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour
Eli and Cheryl Jump
Be A Man!!!
A Fine Line
Baking with Bertha: Back to School Special
The Antarctic Chronicles
Cirque Jacqueline
Shortened Attention Span One Act Festival
The Gay Agenda's Great Big Broadway Show
The Alan Gordon Acting Studio Q and A Series
The Dark Side of Desire
The Vagina Monologues
The Shortened Attention Span Musical Festival
The Alan Gordon Acting Studio Q & A Sessions
Spin Cycle: 5 Plays by Jerrod Bogard
No Matinees : Supplemental
The Swinging 60's Office Christmas Party
Memoirs of Madness
Urban Death
Arrested Development? The State of the Musical in a Tight Economy
The Little Show That Couldn't
I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I'm Afraid to Tell You
ZOMBIE (world premiere)
The Shortened Attention Span Festival
The Loft Plays: Storia & The Interim
Shortened Attention Span Baseball Festival
The Right to Understand
Rhoda Heartbreak
Brooklyn Improv Group vs The International Street Cannibals
Corn Bread & Feta Cheese
The Shortened Attention Span Horror Fest
Vampingo...A Comedy With Bite
It Ain't No Fairy Tale
Black Man Rising (A Choreopoem)
Shortened Attention Span One-Act Festival
The Psalms of Ruby Redd
John & Jen
Classic Cabaret: Broadway and More with host Gregory Morton
Welcome Home Steve
Camera-Ready Art
Puppet Government
The Pool with Five Porches
Flying on the Wing
The Prostitute of Reverie Valley
Presto Change-O!
Short Stories 7
Shift: three natural acts
When You Stand Alone
The Last Castrato
Extra Virgin
The Lives of Young Black Folk: Young Sistas & Bang! Bang! Bang!
The Friar and The Nurse
Slow Children Playing
Sugarville: a little death
I Spend My Whole Life Missing