#serials@theflea Cycle 4

1hr. 30min.
Opened Oct 20, 2011
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In #serials@theflea, five teams of Bats perform original ten-minute episodic plays. The audience votes for its three favorite pieces, which return the next week with a new installment. The teams with the two least popular stories must likewise come back the following week, but with entirely different serialized plays. Participating playwrights include Josh Barrett (HBO's Generation Kill) Patrick Barrett (Follow Me Down), Chad Beckhim (The Wii Plays), Havilah Brewster, Lila Fein, Dylan Dawson (Naked Angels' Naked Radio), Nathan Leigh (Big Money, The Consequences), Adam Lerman (The Harmonious Pimps of Harmony), and Alena Smith (Plunder). Bands for Cycle 2 include Avan Lava, Grace McLean and Teen Girl Scientist Monthly. Available at The Door Only 1 Hour Before Show.

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#serials@theflea to Begin Second Run on March 11 at The Flea Theater - Feb 22, 2011

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