Santa Claus Is Coming Out

Opened Nov 26, 2001
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Writer/solo performer Jeffrey Solomon is making a list, checking it twice, and finding out that Santa Claus is Coming Out. Emily Weiner directs this theatrical mockumentary about the secret life of Santa Claus, featuring original music by Andrew Ingkavet and Jason Webb. This eighty-minute holiday confessional traces the intensely personal struggle of the great holiday icon, who tries to reconcile his love relationship with Italian toy maker Giovanni Gepeddo with his passion for giving to the world?s children. But word of Santa?s secret leaks out?and ?The Light A Fire For Family Values Campaign? marshals its forces against him. Is that rainbow sticker on Santa?s sleigh merely part of a new sense of pride?or evidence of an insidious plot to indoctrinate the world?s children into the homosexual lifestyle? In the course of spinning this ?VH-1 Behind the Music? style tale, Mr. Soloman portrays over a dozen characters including a dithering child psychologist, a macho elf foreman, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa?s hard-boiled Jewish agent, his pretentious fake actress/wife and an Eminem -style hate peddling rapper.

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Santa Claus Is Coming Out - Nov 28, 2001

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