Saint Hollywood

1hr. 18min.


Makes me want to go to Hollywood!

I loved this show. I felt comfortable in the cabaret space. I enjoyed the music. Willard Morgan can hold his own on stage, thats for sure. I also really liked the video projection. Seeing the real "Saints of Hollywood" while Willard talks about them was an interesting way to present the material. I really got a feel for the community the show is about. It makes me want to go to Hollywood.

What a fun show!

What a fun evening in an unexpected venue. This one man show captures the madness of Hollywood with full cast of characters. A great performance by Willard Morgan backed up by a great band, with wonderfully produced video and a crazy garage-sale set. Dont miss it!

St. Hollywood Is Great!

Quite a ride! Not the usual one-man show. The music is great, and the visuals are astonishing. A sobering, but funny story. Felt like Id spent the evening in LA. Now I want to go out to Hollywood and meet some of the incredible characters portrayed in the play. Go See It!

RE:La La Land

This show takes you out of snowy New York and sets you down in the sunny madness of Hollywood. The show is funny and intense, with three monster screens of streaming video, a wacky art installation as a set, a live rock band and a cast of bizarre characters, all embodied by Mr. Morgan. See it - you wont be disappointed.