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Players Theatre
115 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012
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Players Theatre

115 MacDougal St New York, NY 10012


Opened Jun 23, 1997. (Open Run)

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Opened Sep 20, 2014. Closing Nov 9, 2014

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Opened Oct 14, 2014. Closing Nov 19, 2014

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Opened Oct 12, 2014. Closing Nov 16, 2014

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Mother's Day
One Woman Gone Wrong
Seven Seductions of Taylor Swift
Loveness: I Will Only Love You Once
Moses, The Author
Absolutely Filthy
King of Kong: A Musical Parody
No Homo
Bedroom Secrets
Joel Creasey in Rock God
West Village Musical Theater Festival
The Gospel According to Josh: A 28-Year Gentile Bar Mitzvah
Nurturing New Works
The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid
Much Ado About Nothing
TRU Panel Artistic Director vs. Commercial Producer: 
The Blurred Line Between Art and Commerce
A Christmas Carol 2013
I've Never Really Made The Kinda Money To Become A Mess
The Selfish Giant
Hollow - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Where is Your Groom?
Shut Up Sit Down and Eat
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Lies We Tell Ourselves (when flamethrowers aren't enough)
The TomKat Project
Old Familiar Faces
Kemble's Riot
Judgment Day
Killer Therapy
A Homecoming
The Dead Hooker Play
Perfectly Normel People
Jueves Flamenco
Tru Producer Bootcamp: Weekend Intensive For Showcase Producing
Evolutionary Tales
The Players Theatre's Short Play & Musical Festival
Beauty and the Beast
Theater Resources Unlimited April Panel: One Word, Many Meanings: The Diverse Roles That Licensing Plays in Theater
Asking For It
True Producer Bootcamp
A Christmas Carol by Sgouros and Bell
Singing a New Tune: Let's Revitalize the Musical Theater Development Process!
Percussion People
Standby- The Musical
Nightfall on Miranga Island
Gay Camp
Have I Got a Girl For You
Girl's Liberation Front
Myronic! Starring Myron the Magnificent and the Lovely Vera
Mother Eve's Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood
Songs of Love: A Theatrical Mixtape
Who Murdered Love?
Non-Equity The Musical!
The Zebra Shirt of Lonely Children
Nightfall on Miranga Island
Standby - The Musical
Inexperienced Love
The Apocalypse of John
Love Death Brains: a Pete Rydberg Musical Meme
Night of the Auk
TRU presents Maybe There's Still Hope: Redefining the Off-Broadway Model
Coloring the Great White Way, Part 2: Where are the Producers of Color
Taking the Leap from Showcase to Commercial Producing
In Good King Charles's Golden Days
TRU Producer Boot Camp 2012
Alice in Wonderland
Save the Robots
The Forgotten Members of Your Production Team
Widowers' Houses
Coloring the Great White Way
How to Raise a Healthy Theater Company
TRU Producer Boot Camp: Raising Money for Theater: How, Who and When to Ask
What Have I gotten Myself into? Festivals We Know and Love
Marry, F***, Or Kill
A Christmas Carol
Stone Soup
Gotham Rock Choir: In Concert
The Millionairess
Prom Night of the Living Dead
Two Alone/Too Together
The F*cking World According To Molly
Poteet Girls
I Will Be Good
Em O'Loughlin Was a BIG FATTY BOOMBAH!
Bobby and Matt
Virtual Solitaire
Mama Juggs
The Booby Prize
Play Dead
Strategic Social Media and New Media Marketing: Keeping Ahead in the Age of Technology
Percussion People
The Little Mermaid
Shaw and Shakespeare
Nightmare Alley
A Christmas Carol by Sgouros and Bell
How he Lied to her Husband
The Bossy Frog Band's Really Big Show
Saving Throw Versus Love
Getting Even with Shakespeare
Over and Over
South Pathetic
The Twentieth-Century Way
Hearts Full of Blood
How My Mother Died of Cancer, and Other Bedtime Stories
PigPen Presents: The Nightmare Story
Standing Up: Bathroom Talk & Other Stuff We Learn From Dad
The Girl in the Park
The Conveniences of Modern Living
Miss Kim
MacChin: The Lamentable Tragedie of Jay Leno
Did You Do Your Homework?
Over There: Comedy Is His Best Weapon
A Raisin in the Salad: Black Plays for White People
Phantom - the Real Story
Jew Wish
Treasure Island
Baby Wants Candy
Garrison Fewell presents Variable Density Sound Orchestra featuring John Tchicai
All Things Equal: How Do You Measure Up?
John Bull's Other Island
The International Street Cannibals: Varieties of Religious Mishegas
The Theatre Shows
Arms and the Man
Most Likely To: The Senior Superlative Musical
A Christmas Carol
TRU Voices New Musical Reading Series
TRU - Career Paths to Producing: Company Manager, General Manager, Publicist, More
Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant
TRU Boot Camp: Pitching & Presentation Skills for Writers & Producers
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Oedipus The King
TRU: Why am I in Love with this Play? An Should I Really Get Involved?
Notes on the Land of Earthquake & Fire
Union Squared
The Check is in the Mail
John and Greg's High School Reunion
Baby Wants Candy
Buddy Becker's Big Uncut Flick
George and Laura Bush Perform . . . Our Favorite Sitcom Episodes
The Event
State of Undress
Peace Warriors
Stone Soup
Unaccustomed To My Name
Tru Practical Playwriting: How to Write for Commercial Production
TRU - Adapt or Perish: Producing in Spite of Tough Times
Back to Babylon
Omayra Amaya in La Sobremesa
TRU Voices New Play Reading Series
TRU Voices Reading Series
Bellevue Sketches
TRU Industry Panel: "Who Can I Turn To?"
Tru Writer-Producer Speed Date (The Art of the Pitch)
Dream of Me
TRU Producer Boot Camp: Weekend Intensive for Newbies
Music on MacDougal Series
The Music of Hope
Untitled 3D: What do you see?
Uncle Vanya
Treasure Island
Wacky Hijinks
Cabaret: Economical Launching Pad for New Work?
The Distance Between eL, Ohh, Vea and Eee
Weekend of Percussion
Die Fledermaus
TRU Writers-Producers Speed Date
TRU Producer Boot Camp
Miracle on Mulberry Street
Radiotheatre Presents Dracula
Beauty and the Beast
2008 TRU Voices New Musicals Series Free reading of So Happy I Could Scream!
2008 TRU Voices New Musicals Series
The Lost Legend of Camelot
Concerts from the Julliard School
Omayra Amaya Flamenco in La Sobremesa
Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant
How to Run a Theatre Company (Without it Running Your Life)
The Goat, or Who is Sylvia
The Naked Dead Elephant in the Middle of the Room
Paper Dolls
George the Fourth
RadioTheatre Presents THE MOLE PEOPLE
the october crisis (to laura)
RADIOTHEATRE Presents The Island of Dr. Moreau
RADIOTHEATRE Presents King Kong
A Crooked Man
TRU Voices New Plays Reading Series 2008
Hands together: New York Artists Gather for China Earthquake Relief to Benefit UNICEF
Vinca Quartet: "Music from 1928"
I.M.P.A.C.T. Theatre Group presents A Gala Broadway Revue
Welcome to the World: An Evening Celebrating the Music of Andrew Lippa!
The Velveteen Rabbit
Straight Up with a Twist
The Feminazi
Wild Imaginings
Loop 2.4.3 Percussion Ensemble
The Little Mermaid
Theft Of Imagination
Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High-Class Issues
Bad Plays Festival 2007
Another Day on Willow Street
The Unusual Suspects
Enough About Me...Let's Talk About Jew!
The Wisdom That Men Seek
Kevin Byrd: Release
Lou Del Bianco
Fate's Imagination
The Jesus Hickey
Measure for Measure
9 students / 11 questions
Lou Del Bianco
Bring Me A Dwarf: The Twisted World of Peter Charles Morris
Lights Up!
Absolute Clarity
Rock Chicks
Meester Amerika
By the Numbers
Art People
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Something More Pleasant: An Anti Fairy Tale
Romancing the Terrorist: Tajiki Nights!
I Coulda Been a Kennedy
Corleone: The Shakespearean Godfather
Mary Berry Presents: The Life of Mary Berry
Minimum Wage: Blue Code Ringo
YourPlace...or Mine?
58! A Comedy about Bike Messengessengering
Hard Right
The Harvard Sailing Team
Killa Dilla
Unlock'd: An Original Musical
Producing Off-Off Broadway
Dog Music
A Lesbian in the Pantry
Lady Convoy
The Last Days of Cleopatra
My Father's Son
The Monster Under My Bed Drank My Vodka
The Great Official Subway Musical
Swimming Upstream: A Musical Sex-Ed Escapade of Genetic Proportions
Uncle Sam's Satiric Spectacular
Dark Deceptions: The Seance Experience
The Salacious Uncle Baldrick
Genius Famous
The Day the World Went Queer!
Hard Right
TWO BROTHERS who are not brothers
Mimi Le Duck
The Wingding Doodle Club
Rings a Space/Rock Musical
Africa & Plumbridge
Daddy was the Biggest Stagemother in Texas!
Young Zombies in Love
The Bicycle Men
Love Pollution: A Tekno-Popera
Subway Train
The Jammer! A Roller Derby Love Story
Andru's Head
The Spickner Spin
Nicky Goes Goth
Golden Ladder
Six Goumbas and a Wannabe
Boys Don't Wear Lipstick
Keep Bangin'