Room Service

Opened Jul 10, 2006
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The Peccadillo Theater Company presents John Murray and Allen Boretz's Room Service, a classic American farce from 1937! Generally considered one of the funniest American plays of the 1930's, Room Service centers around a slippery theatrical producer, trying to find a backer for his new show while holed up in a Times Square hotel with nineteen starving actors. Hoping to forestall eviction, he convinces the show's gullible young playwright to fake his own death. Meanwhile, an emissary from one of the country's wealthiest businessmen turns up with money to invest; that is, until he discovers the hotel doctor bound and gagged in the bathroom. The situation goes from bad to worse as the irascible manager of the hotel threatens to have the entire show confiscated by the sheriff on opening night! Dan Wackerman directs.


Room Service - Jul 10, 2006

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