Romeo and Juliet (Bond Street Theatre)

1hr. 30min.


After four years of performing throughout the war torn former Yugoslavia, Theatre Tsvete, a renowned puppet theater from Bulgaria, and Bond Street Theatre of New York, known for its creative physical style, bring a non-verbal and beautifully visual Romeo and Juliet to the United States for the first time. The two theatre groups met in the teaming refugee camps in Macedonia during the war in Kosovo. Their mutual mission brought the the two troupes together and lead to a four year artistic collaboration designed to stimulate and promote peace in the Balkans. Striking visual images, blacklight effects, comedic interludes, and dynamic physicality (dance, stilts, acrobatics, and swordplay) bring this unique Romeo and Juliet to life. Using the power of symbols, the play vividly expresses the tragedy of neighbor against neighbor, the situation of young people in many areas of the world today who are confronting the choice between love and violence.

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