Republic Of Iqra

2hr. (1 intermission)


Iqra is the first word in the Koran. It means read and recite God's truth. Republic Of Iqra is a hilarious and heart wrenching political satire about two fictional Republics, one ancient in a remote part of the world with powerful resources and the other a very modern, very powerful Republic which invades the Republic of Iqra under false pretenses. This fictional farce is based on the events of the present day. A large cast, full-length play written and directed by Bina Sharif. "Republic Of Iqra is a hilarious, witty, intelligent and very timely black comedy" -International Arts "One cries with tears of sorrow and here comes a heart wrenching...laughter" - Pakistan Times "The play mixes knowledge of ancient and modern worlds and their language of deception brilliantly." - Cinemastage Appropriate For Ages: 13 and up

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