Reflections: An Evening of Short Plays



Resonance Ensemble presents Reflections: An Evening of Short Plays, which will include the world premieres of of Their Town by Alvin Eng, What Happened Then by Michael Feingold and Compromise by Ian Strasfogel, with revivals of Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett and Swan Song by Anton Chekhov (with a translation by Marian Fell and adaptation by Eric Parness). Inspired by Thornton Wilder's Our Town, Alvin Eng's Their Town, depicts a man and his nemesis meeting in the afterlife as they struggle to find true redemption. Inspired by an 18th Century narrative, Michael Feingold's What Happened Then utilizes dramatic storytelling to reveal how the fates of two men were forever intertwined by a series of unlikely coincidences. Ian Strasfogel's Compromise explores the relationship between a theatrical director and producer working on a production of Samuel Beckett's Catastrophe as they try to balance artistic integrity with commercialism. Samuel Beckett's Catastrophe utilizes a metaphoric relationship between an actor and his director to comment on themes of political power, manipulation and oppression. In Anton Chekhov's Swan Song, an aging actor at the end of his career reenacts passages from Shakespeare, hoping to make peace with what he has sacrificed for a life in the theatre.

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Reflections: An Evening of Short Plays - May 21, 2009

Todd Butera, Grant James Varjas, et al. Set for Resonance Ensemble's Reflections - May 6, 2009

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