Red-Haired Thomas

1hr. 20min.
Opened Mar 9, 2009
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Fresh from the 2008 Ice Factory Festival, the Obie Award winning Soho Think Tank presents Red-Haired Thomas, written by STT Artistic Director Robert Lyons and directed by Oliver Butler, co-Artistic Director of The Debate Society. Professional gambler Cliff has got it bad. His daughter doesn't need him, his wife might leave him, and his newspaper vender Iftikhar, whose mother country is at war, just might kill him. Witness Cliff's darkly comic, spiraling descent into a paranoid mythology of power-point presentations, rolls of quarters and hostage videos. Can our migraine-plagued redheaded founding father Thomas Jefferson save the day? Enter with caution into a desperation-filled dreamscape, where the sanest inhabitant may be Thomas Jefferson. (With songs.)

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Red-Haired Thomas - Mar 9, 2009

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