Pretty Theft



RE:Get it before it's gone!

In all honesty, I didnt know what to expect walking into this show. Three flights of stairs and a crowded wait in the hallway later, I read the program and directors notes and STILL didnt know what to expect. What I got was an intricately spun story that was both funny and thought provoking. The story focused mainly on Allegra [Marnie Schulenberg], a beautiful but lost soul who is experiencing a string of very, very bad days. However, the focus shifts throughout to Joe [Brian Pracht], an autistic patient with a penchant for ballerinas, who Allegra works with at her new job at a mental institution, and Marco [Todd dAmour], a man who claims to be a retired but uncatchable thief, and his conversations with a local waitress [Candice Holdorf]. The show was amazingly well cast. My personal favorites were Todd dAmour, who added depth, likability, and humor to a character that must have seemed impenetrable on paper; Cotton Wright, who transitioned seamlessly between several different characters--and is a heck of a dancer; and Zach Robidas, whose portrayal of the obnoxious boyfriend turned a bit of a cliche into a fantastically funny character. The many scene changes are cleverly executed by ballerinas and were fascinating to watch. This show is never boring and will sit with you for long after you have left the theatre.