Press #93 for Kosher Jewish Girls in Krakow

1hr. 30min.


This is Theater at it's BEST!!!

PRESS #93 certainly has all the ingredients to offend some people, especially to over-sensitive amongst us. But if you dare to look at it straight in the eye, free yourself of any prejudice, youre likely to fall in love with it head over toes. Press #93 deals with fundamentalist Judaism, not an easy task in todays world where many of us associate this behavior with Muslims only. But Tenenbom, a playwright who dares, delivers scathing criticism of his own folks. This is an amazing gem of theater, done bravely and very smartly. The acting is great, direction superb, and story that will shock and entertain you all at the same time. See it! Theres nothing like it. I was smitten by it. Sheer genius. But be prepared for what youll see.

RE:The worst show EVER!!!

I love going to the theater. You always hope that you will like the show, but there is nothing wrong with being disappointed after the performance. You cant win 100% of the time and I understand that. But NEVER once did I leave the show feeling disgusted and insulted and wanting to scream STOP! in the middle of the act, like I felt during Press #93 for Kosher Jewish Girls in Krakow ! What a horror!!!! The people who put this show together: writer, producer, actors?. Who do they think they are to make a mockery of people who died or lived through the Holocaust! What do they know about it? Why do they think it was funny to act like an idiots on stage, checking dead girls bodies?.holding on to their private parts and touching each other on stage? Or eating apples the way Hitler would describe Jews in his textbooks!!!! They wanted to be different like Daring to think different? Different they were!!! In the worst possible way?.. You think you run Jewish theater? You run ANTI-Jewish theater, heaven and a source of pleasure for all the anti Semitic groups!!! Shame on you!!! This show had no story, no plot, no message! All I felt was disgust and revolt and when I looked around, ALL the people in the audience had the same feelings on their faces. At the time when anti-Semitism is in the rise, you provide a great material to feed those hungry to hate Jews ?.. Shame on you!!! I am a Jew who came from Russia, most of my family died from Nazis in the Holocaust and I found it insulting , degrading and extremely disrespectful to show OUR people in the light of so called comedy. You misrepresented me, you misrepresented everything I and the rest of the Jews stand for, and you actually hurt my feelings last night. And for that - shame on you!!!! What a waste of my time and money! What a shame that Jewish actors will take any job, just to have a job! Where are the values? Where is the pride for our nation, nation who suffered so much, who lost so many and who managed to survive and prosper in spite of all the odds!!!!! You ask for donations? Donations should be deserved. I dont think you will get a penny from your audience yesterday?.not now, not EVER!!! Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!