Poor Fellas



Whatmanwhatcar Productions presents Poor Fellas, six short plays written by Marc Palmieri. The plays, which are all comic vignettes about the perils of love, solitude, and knowledge include: Prologue - A Catholic school sophmore is introduced to doubt and abandonment for the first time in his life after a romantic endeavor at the local movie theatre goes awry. The piece introduces the evening's theme, "It was all just...nothin'." Rocks - A minor league pitcher who believes implicitly in the magic powers of the bullpen, is confronted by a cocky rookie who challenges him to use that very magic to look into the future of his career. Tough Guys - Two guys who find themselves spending the night out in the same old place they used to back in high school, but without the dreams. The Departure of Brian O'Callahan - A man believes he is a citizen of another planet, on Earth for a secret experiment in assimilation, a conceit which would explain his incurable loneliness and the fact that yet another woman has left him. Makin' Sense of Nothin - Two construction co-workers stand at the grave of a colleague after the latter's funeral. After an inspirational harangue by the elder worker to the cynical younger, they arrive at an horrific conclusion. Poor Fellas - Two best friends meet at a bar following some spying one did on the other's ex-girlfriend, at the other's request. The information gathered proves to be a very serious matter.