2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Powerful Theatre

The horrors and guilt of war bring two soldiers together while they are on a brief respite from Vietnam in Penang, Malaysia. The men confide in each other how the war has shaken their most basic beliefs. The smart writing and compelling acting creates powerful theatre that is emotional and thought provoking.

About Penang

Off from the bright lights of Broadway is an important play about war and the impact on young men. As seen through the lens of the playwright, who lived those times first hand, Penang makes a powerful statement. In this case the setting is Vietnam, but the themes are as relevant today, perhaps even more so when considering Iraq and Afghanistan. Well acted and staged I highly recommend this thoughtful and provacitive drama.


I was expecting a conventional sort of anti-war play but this blew me away. It is about the guys and what happens to them. You never know where the play is going next, but the cumulative effect was deeply moving. It was tender and real and I cried for these two guys.

RE:Highly Recommended

Penang is a powerful and moving exploration of men struggling to make sense of war. Through the story of two young American servicemen on R&R from their tour of duty in Vietnam, the play grapples with big questions about God, service, family, friendship, and compassion. Superbly acted and directed, Penang offers the audience a bold and provocative narrative that is both insightful and humane. I recommend this play highly.