Paradise Lost - The Musical

Opened Feb 25, 2006
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Paradise Lost, set to an accessible and romantic score, tells the story of Adam and Eve, Lucifer and his minions, and the angelic host that opposes them. Unlike previous stagings of this classic Biblical tale, Paradise Lost aims to go beyond the earlier works to explore the nature of good and evil, justice and love and, ultimately, forgiveness. Facets of the creation story present in earlier versions (such as the Jewish Kabbalah and Greek mythology) that are usually omitted have been put back into this version, as Sophia, the feminine divine, reappears as a central character. Written by Benjamin Birney and Rob Seitelman, the musical is directed by Seitelman. Musical direction is by Seth Bisen-Hersh, and choreography by Jason Summers. This production features a cast of twenty singers with full musical accompaniment.

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