Paper Cranes

Opened Apr 15, 2011
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Paper Cranes follows five people in a modern American town who are connected through a chain of surprising relationships, each desperate to break free from a haunted past in order to find a better future. Maddie is a rebellious and precocious young woman, balancing the social implications of her burgeoning sexuality with the responsibility of supporting her bereft mother, a woman who finds solace in the folding of origami paper cranes. Maddie escapes the confines of her stifling home-life by entering into a tumultuous relationship with Julie, an older woman. Julie's best friend and one-time lover Amy, in a renewed search for true love, enters into a dangerous S&M relationship with a mysterious man protecting a dark secret. Like the precise folds of a paper crane, the characters wrap around each other, culminating into a play about lives that are at once fragile, surprisingly resilient and, after much work, breathtakingly beautiful.

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Eric T. Miller, Susan Louise O'Connor, Cynthia Silver, et al. Set for Packawallop Productions' Paper Cranes - Mar 31, 2011

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