Of Mice and Men

Opened Jan 17, 2003
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John Steinbeck's classic Of Mice and Men is a touching and powerful exploration of the human drive to better oneself. George Milton is a hard-working farmhand who wanders nomadically from one job to the next with his simple-minded friend Lennie Small. He and Lennie share a dream of a glorious future, when all their hard work will pay off and allow them to live off the fat of the land. But when tragedy shatters their hopes for a better time to come, George must decide if a life without dreams is worth living at all. Eric Parness directs. Presented by Oberon Ensemble Theatre and Rachel Reiner Productions. Schedule Friday, 1/17, Show at 8:00PM Saturday, 1/18, Show at 8:00PM Sunday, 1/19, Show at 7:00PM Monday, 1/20, Show at 8:00PM Wednesday, 1/29, Show at 8:00PM Thursday, 1/30, Show at 8:00PM Friday, 1/31, Show at 8:00PM Wednesday, 2/5, Show at 8:00PM Thursday, 2/6, Show at 8:00PM Saturday, 2/8, Show at 8:00PM Sunday, 2/16, Show at 7:00PM Monday, 2/17, Show at 8:00PM

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Of Mice and Men - Feb 13, 2003

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