Nymph Errant



Disappointing play...but an excellent cast

Nymph Errant isn’t one of Cole Porter’s better plays; in fact it isn’t much of a play at all but really more of a revue. This production, however, does allow a number of very talented actors to take star turns singing several of Cole Porter’s lesser tunes and a few of his better ones. I was particularly impressed by Jennifer Blood in the role of Evangeline, who sings beautifully and who plays the role she has been given with an infectious innocence. Aubrey Sinn as Madeline (the sexy French girl), Laura Cook as Pidge (the Italian go-getter), Amy Jo Jackson as Bertha (the German lesbian sports enthusiast), and Sara Jane Blackmore as Henrietta (the American girl next door from Yonkers) also were wonderful in their roles as Evangeline’s finishing school classmates and their voices were magnificent; in fact, I thought that the diminutive Sara Jane Blackman’s rendition of The Boyfriend Back Home was the high point of the show. Finally, mention must be made of Natalie E. Carter, the one black member of the cast who didn’t let that minor quirk of melanin prevent her from being sold into white slavery as Haidee or of portraying Evangeline’s Aunt Ermyntrude. And she sure could belt out a song! I have posted an expanded review of this play and of several other Broadway, off Broadway and off off Broadway plays on my blog www.aseatontheaisle.blogspot.com.